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Custom Decals – The Allure of Vinyl

Vinyl is enticing. No, this isn’t going to be a novella about a person with a closet fetish for vinyl by night. Though it does give me an idea… I digress.

Signage vinyl, also known by many as adhesive vinyl, is known for its versatility, flexibility and durability. Vinyl comes in a variety of types designed for all things from car wraps, commercial signage through to basic sticker labels. Rather than bombard you with all the types of vinyl I wanted to talk about custom decals, vinyl for the everyday person.

Vinyl can be a sticky mess and you can be covered in itty bitty pieces you have had to weed out of designs, but I love working with vinyl. I love seeing how vinyl can transform a car, a window, a wall or even a jar. I know, the world is filled with all kinds of people right!?

Speaking of versatility, yes we were, two paragraphs up geez. Anyway, here’s some of our customer orders used as an example:

Madison – A beauty therapist who wanted to transform her blank waiting room wall with a large custom wall decal. Using her logo and desired measurements I was able to custom cut removable matte black vinyl into a 1.2 metre wide piece of wall art. It has transformed a blank wall into a chic professional looking space.

Wayne – A subcontractor with a large concreting company needed both door and quarter panel signage on his new work ute. Unable to drive onto large commercial work sites without both the accreditation and company signage on his vehicle. Custom decals made from layers of coloured cut vinyl turn an everyday looking ute into a professional looking work vehicle.

Belinda – A provider of health and wellness oils was looking for 5cm x 1cm small custom decals to place on her aromatherapy oil roller bottles. A script font made for a challenging weeding process, however seeing the finished product made the challenge worthwhile. They looked great.

Ana – A gift seeker wanted custom decals for aluminium water bottles for her dance enthusiast friends. Ana wanted their names on one side and their dance styles on the other side. Each bottle personalised specifically for each friend. Simple, yet thoughtful. A gift made specifically for someone you care about is a great gift.

Four different customers and 4 different uses for adhesive vinyl. Vinyl is a real people pleaser. A couple of dollars spent on a custom decal can really transform an item, give it a purpose or perhaps even a personality. Whilst the family stick figure craze had me breaking out in eye-rolls (eye strain that I am still recovering from FYI) I still always notice when someone has a custom decal on their car. That’s the purpose, right!? To be noticed. People crave being noticed now more than ever.

If you are wanting to advertise, personalise or customise something we can do custom decals to meet your home or office needs. Check out our custom decal section Or not. Whatevs.

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