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Custom stubby holders, or coldy holders as they are sometimes referred to, are most commonly made from neoprene. Stubby holders come in all a variety of styles, such as; velcro, glued, zippered and foldable.

Custom Stubby Holders make a great novelty or personalised gift for any occasion. I have made many custom stubby holders for people for an array of occasions. From the NRL podcast I sponsored and collaborated with, Full Credit To The Boys, to Father’s Day gifts, Christmas gifts, mates weekends, gifts for customers, through to company logos.

We all love to give a personalised, custom or novelty gift but are often put off by minimum order numbers. We here at Meh Ink cater to people who are looking for a small number or perhaps just the one. Stubby holders are suitable for both cans and bottles, the foldable ones allow for them to lay flat in a drawer, bag, pocket, tackle box or esky when not in use. They are not only durable, but affordable too.

If you are getting married, having a bucks party, a reunion, fundraiser or just need a gift for the hard to buy for drunk, let us help you with custom stubby holders.

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